Around Us_Reaching Home_4-Album
Around Us_Reaching Home_1-EP 1
Around Us_Reaching Home_1-Undiscovered Times
Around Us_Reaching Home_2-EP 2
Around Us_Reaching Home_2-Homecoming
Around Us_Reaching Home_3-Absolute
Around Us_Reaching Home_3-EP 3
Around Us_Reaching Home_4-Until Fall


Around Us, a dynamic DJ/producer duo hailing from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, has been causing ripples in the electronic music scene with their captivating and deep soundscapes.

With an unwavering commitment to their craft, they have tirelessly honed their style, gaining the respect of their peers and captivating audiences on the dance floor. This is the essence of Around Us – a duo that quietly united, allowing their music to speak for itself, and since then, they have crafted a multitude of remarkable tracks. Today, in 2023, Around Us stands as a well-known and supported force in the industry.

The exceptional talent of Around Us has garnered recognition from some of the world's most esteemed DJs, including Sasha, Nick Warren, and Hernan Cattaneo, further solidifying their promising future. Notably, Sasha has enthusiastically championed their track "Absentis," while Cattaneo has frequently showcased their productions such as "Sleeping Blue," "Bamboo," "8 Steps," and "United" during his performances.

When asked to define their musical approach, Around Us emphasizes their focus on groove and melody. Jan expresses, "We seek out captivating melodies," highlighting their dedication to crafting immersive musical experiences. However, they are reluctant to confine themselves to a specific genre, rejecting labels such as progressive house or melodic techno. Gaby brings a subtly brighter melodic vibe to their sound, while Jan tends to delve into darker grooves and melodies. Ultimately, what remains constant for Around Us is their commitment to creating deep and evocative music that resonates with their listeners.

With an extensive discography that exceeds the confines of this biography, Around Us has made notable contributions to renowned labels such as TRAUM, Mango Alley, Manual Music, Iconyc, and Click Records. These standout tracks have further solidified their position within the global music scene.

Driven by their unwavering passion for music, Around Us is poised to continue making waves throughout 2023 and beyond. Their dedication and undeniable talent ensure that their journey will be one marked by creativity and success.